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Interesting activities for dogs

Dogs are called man’s best friends and not without reason, because they are loyal, sweet, trusting creatures that will protect you no matter what. But they also like to have fun and run around, so to make your dogs life a little bit more interesting and exciting, you should try one of these interesting activities with your dog, and I can guarantee that you as well as your dog will be entertained.



You probably have heard about the yoga pose called Downward dog, but did you know that actual dog yoga is also a thing? It even has its own name and it is called doga, you know dog + yoga. I know that it does sound a little bit silly to do yoga with your dog, but it actually can be the perfect way how to combine your own fitness with dog training. It incorporates such things like stretching, massage as well as meditation and can let you and your pet form the ultimate connection. And even though there have been some criticism towards doga from the yoga as well as animal rights communities, if it seems like something you and your dog could try out, why not go for it? If anything else it will make for a fun experience and even funnier story to tell your friends.


surfing with dog

If you know how to surf then why not try surfing with your dog on your board, too? Surfing is a fun way how to spend your time in the water and breathing fresh air, and on a hot day surfing with thei inevitable wipe-out will help you and your canine cool off. And even though I haven’t tried surfing with my dog yet, from what I hear it is very fun and after you catch your first wave, your dog will be the first to get back on the board for the next one. Then after surfing you can hand out on the beach and play catch to end off your fun day filled with dog friendly activities.


Hiking With dog

Then there is hiking of coarse, that also is a fun experience for you and your dog, not to mention also a great workout, so you don’t have to spend hours in the gym. If you live in the city and the most running around your dog usually has is around the dog park then hiking will be especially fun for your pet. Hiking trails usually are set in wooded or hilly areas which in itself is a change for you and your pet, and the added effort that you and your dog will have to put into your walk to get to the end of the trail will only benefit you both. But if you aren’t a huge hiking person, try it our regardless, because your dog might be what was missing on your last hike with only fellow humans, because dogs tend to push us further and make any walk more fun.


Hide-and-seek With dog

And if all else fails you can always play hide-and-seek with your dog. Take one of its toys or an item of clothing and hide it somewhere in your house or any other surroundings you might be in. And then tell your furry friend to seek for this item. It will not only be fun but also beneficial to your dog, since it will help it develop better tracking abilities, that always can come in handy in many different situation.

Best ways to work out with your dog

Many of us pay quite close attention to our fitness, especially in the summer since it is bikini season, even though we already don’t have enough hours in a day to achieve all the things we wanted to do. But dog owners might have a way to get in their work out and walk their pet at the same time by exercising with their dog. A study done by researchers from Michigan University actually conduced, that dog owners are 34 percent more likely to get in regular workouts each week than people who don’t own a dog. So check out our suggestions of the best work outs you can do with your dog as your training partner.

First and foremost you can simply go for a run with your furry friend by your side. Since dogs are creatures of habit, once you accustom your dog to regular morning or evening runs, your dog will help you keep running regularly, because it will be sitting by your running shoes every day and waiting you to go for a run. Just make sure that your dog doesn’t overhear during the run, as they cannot sweat to get their body temperature down like we can. So no matter the size of your pooch, strap him on a leash and go for a run. Bonus, after the run your dog will be tired out so will let you rest too, by not running around your home and demanding your attention.


Another dog friendly work out is cycling, especially if your dog is very energetic. Many think that dogs will have a hard time to keep up so they don’t cycle with their dogs, but canines actually love to run at pull speed and they will be able to do it next to you biking. Just make sure that you have a way to deal with any sudden tugs that your dog might do by chasing a cat or just veering off course. You can do it by either not using a leash, which could be an option if you are cycling at a more remote place, or by just using some type of device, that can be attached to your leash and that can absorb the force of sudden tugs.


Many dogs love water and swimming, so why not do some water sport activities with your man’s best friend? A good option is the recently popular stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. Paddle boards are actually very suitable for having your dog on the nose of the board. Pick a calmer day and test out the waters by paddle boarding for a while. Kayaks, too, are surprisingly suitable for having your dog with you while you are kayaking. If you have bigger dog then position it closer to your feet, but a smaller breed can chill out in the front of the kayak. At first it might be harder to adjust to the added weight, but soon enough you will be kayaking with your dog and getting in a great workout.

And for those who live in climate where there is cold winters with snow and everything, even then you can exercise with your dog, by taking it with you when you are going snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. Not only your dog will get the chance to have fun in the snow and really stretch its legs after not having gotten real run for a while due to the cold weather, but you, too, will get total-body workout. Its a win- win, and later you both can curl up at your home and enjoy the slight exhaustion from the work out and the fresh air.

long distance skiing with dog