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Tips on car travel with pets

If in the winter many prefer to travel by plane to warmer tropical locations to escape the cold, then summer is the perfect time for road trips. And although road trips are fun, they aren’t by any means easy even for humans let alone your pets, because you spend long stretches of time in a car without the chance to stand up and stretch your legs. Which is why you need to make sure that you make car travel easier not only for yourself but also for your furry friend, that you take with you on your adventures.


Traveling with pets be it your dog, cat or pet rabbit, takes quite a bit of planning, because if you have pets with you, you cannot just load them in your car and drive of into the sunset. You need to figure out things like in which part of your car your pet will be traveling and making this are a comfortable for your pet as possible, you also need to make sure that you have enough food and water for your pet so it doesn’t suffer heat stroke and you also need to plan a route where you will have the ability to stop every once in a while to let your animal stretch its legs and do its business.

Also don’t forget to pack things like your pets travel papers, a leash, grooming supplies, pet medication, a bed for your pet and a few toys, since all these things will be essential to help your pet not only survive travel, but also easier to adjust to the new environment, where you will be spending your vacation. And if all the necessities that you should have with you when traveling with your pet sound similar to those that one would have while traveling with children, then you are absolutely right, because taking a trip with your pet is almost as hard if not harder than road-tripping with a child, since your animal cannot speak and voice when something is wrong.

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If you are traveling abroad, then make sure that all your pets papers and vaccination records are in check. Also it wouldn’t hurt for you to check the pet related laws of the countries that you will be traveling to, as sometimes even neighboring countries can have vastly different pet laws. Nothing ruins a vacation than a remark from a police officer or a ban from getting into a country because of your pet.

And if you know that you will be traveling with your pet quite often then you might want to invest in things like rubber floor liners and waterproof seat covers for your car, since these things will make traveling easier for you. With these car accessories it will be easier to clean your car after traveling as well as maintain the interior of your car for longer.