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Tips on vacationing with your pet

Summer is the perfect time for vacations. Road trips, flying to exotic locations, bus rides to a town near by or boat rides to a island. Anything goes. However if you are a pet owner, then you know how hard it is to make a decision to either take your pet with you on the vacation or leave your furry friend with your family, finds or with a pet sitter. Whatever you decide, your pet will have to make certain adjustments, and since pets, especially dogs often don’t like strangers, I recommend to take your pet with you. And it isn’t even as hard as you think if you know a couple of simple tips.

1. Make sure your pet will be occupied during the vacation


The first thing to remember if you do decide to take your dog with you on your next vacation is to make sure your per will have things to do during it and your canine won’t have to stay in a hot hotel room all day long while you are longing on the beach. Check if the place you will be staying at is pet friendly and has tings like parks or open areas near by where you will be able t take your dog. Also check if your pup can come to the beach with you or do any of the other activities you want to do, since that will ensure that your dog will have plenty to do and won’t be suffering during your vacation.

2. Prepare for the trip

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Also make sure you do your research and find not only if your pet will have hings to do on your vacation, but also look up animal related laws and restrictions if you are going out of the country. Then of coarse also make sure all of the papers for your pet are up to date and you have the necessary things with you, like leash, mesh carriers and such, so you actually will be able to travel with your pet.

3. Decide on the type of transportation you will be using

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Think ahead of time and figure out which type or types of transportation you will have to use while on vacation and are they suited for your pet. Many say that planes and pups just don’t mix, however I think that hot and long bus rides can be even worse for your pet. So try to figure out the best ways to get to and from your vacation and to move around while on vacation, that won’t leave your pet friend exhausted, overheated or sick.

4. Develop a routine even wile on vacation

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And lastly I would suggest do develop a some sort of routine with your dog even when you are on your vacation. Dogs thrive on routines and they make them feel better, so schedule regular walks and feeding times for your pet, so it knows what’s happening and has something to rely on even if the rest of his life is turned upside down. Also set up a corner in your hotel room or vacation rental for your dog, where you will be feeding him or her and where the pup will be sleeping, and preferably bring things like a doggy blanket and bowls from home, so your canine recognizes them and their smell and can feel a bit better about this whole situation.