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Help your pet survive the summer heat

In the summer, there are many occasions when temperatures rise beyond warm and then we all are searching for ways how to cool of and survive the heat. But pet owners have additional struggle during the heat waves, as they have to find ways how to help their pets t cool off, so they, too, don’t suffer from heat stroke or other heat related illnesses. So here are some tips on how to protect your pets from the heat.

Heat strokes in animals occur when their normal body temperatures rise so high that their bodies cannot lower it to a normal temperature anymore. And since most pets like dogs aren’t able to sweat, it is quite hard for them to deal with their heat. So one thing any pet parent can do to prevent your pets from getting a heat stroke is to give your furry friend plenty of water. Dogs and cats need to hydrate especially in hot weather just like us humans do, so make sure you refill the water bowl of you cat or dog so that your pet is as happy as he can be during the heat.

Another thing to remember is to not let your pet on hot surfaces for long periods of time. Asphalt and cement especially heat up a great deal during the summer and since your pets don’t have the protection of shoes and they are naturally closer to the ground, they can suffer from the heat that is radiated off of these surfaces. So if you can keep the walks to the minimum or walk your pet in a shaded area with a trail or grass for surface, so your dog or cat doesn’t burn their paw pads and don’t receive unnecessary heat from the ground.

Anybody who has grow longer hair in the summer knows that the longer your hair is, the hotter it is for your head. The same goes for animals, so, if it is possible, try to give your pet as short of a haircut as you can. This way it will be easier for your pet to deal with the heat. Just don’t shave your pet, as pets need at least inch long fur, so their skin doesn’t get sunburn.

dog swimming

On top of that you can also bring your pet to your local pond or river for a swim or mist cool water of your pet. This way you can also help to bring your pets body temperature down, which will ensure that they don’t overheat and don’t require veterinary assistance.

Dog owners also shouldn’t muzzle their pets when it is very hot outside, as that will restrict their ability to pant. And since panting is one of the main ways how dogs cool off their body temperature, muzzling can prevent your dog from getting some much needed cooling off and therefore rise the chance of your dog getting a heat stroke.