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Tick prevention for dogs

Bugs such as ticks are a huge worry for humans, because ticks in particular carry many harmful diseases, that can make us sick for a ling while and damage our health for the rest of our lives. However, ticks can be just as harmful to pets, too, since some of the diseases also are bad for dogs, cats and other pet. On top of that they are extremely hard to remove, so it is better to prevent your pets from getting ticks in the first place. And there are some simple thing you can use to do it.

The first thing you can do to prevent ticks from latching onto your pet is you can use different external preventatives. Many people say to just limit your pets from snooping in tic infested areas, but man times pets get ticks even by running around your backyard, so in my opinion it will be much more efficient to just use something so your pet doesn’t attract so many ticks than to don’t let your dog or cat roam your garden or yard. One of the external preventative options is a herbal tick powder or spray, that is made with different plant based oils that are natural tick repellents. You can even make these types of powders or sprays yourself by mixing just a couple of simple ingredients and dusting or spraying your pet with the mixture. The other thing that you can use is a tick collar that could even be an easier fix, as sometimes animals don’t like to stand still and wait while you treat them with a tick repellent. But if your pet is one of the rare ones who like bathing then you can even use a tick shampoo on your pet before the tick season and then a couple of times during it. The shampoo will not only repel ticks but also will remove the ones that are already attached to your pets skin, which also can be very helpful.

For the best results, experts suggest using a couple of different tick repelling and prevention product together, as that way you will be able to provide your pet with the best protection. So on top of using a one or a few different external preventives, you can also use ones that your pet actually need to consume. It is believed that things like Garlic and Apple Cider Vinegar are able to make your pet’s blood less attractive to ticks. Just don’t feed your animal a large amount of garlic or vinegar, as that can harm its health. You can add about two table spoons of apple cider vinegar to your pets food or water or just mix a small amount of garlic in its food, and you pet should be more resistant against ticks.