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Worst things you can feed to your dog

Food is sustenance and we can only last a few weeks without consuming any food, less if we don’t have any water. The same goes for animals, because animals too, can go only a little while without food, in fact in is estimated that the most dogs can go without any food is about 5 days. So we need to feed ourselves and our pets in order to survive. But there are some foods that are absolutely the worst thing you can feed to your dog , so lets look at some human foods that are toxic to dogs.



If you ever think to feed your canine with chocolate, then thing again, because it can be seriously toxic to your pup and it can even cause damage to your dog’s heart and nervous system. Why is that? Well usually chocolate contains such substances as theobromine and theophylline, which are not good for dogs and most likely will cause symptoms like vomiting and panting.



Another extremely dangerous food for dogs is coffee. Yes, you might drink it every day and cannot start your morning without a cup of jo, but to dogs caffeine is basically poison and can cause severe reactions, health problems or in some cases even death. So keep your dog away from your coffee in order to keep him healthy.

Grapes and raisins


Interestingly enough grapes and their dried version raisins are bad for dogs, too. And when I say bad I mean toxic bad, because grapes actually contains substances that can cause liver failure in dogs. There have even be multiple cases where dogs die from just a handful of grapes, because the toxins in them damage their liver beyond repair.

Raw salmon

Raw salmon

Fish can be good for your dog and a great change from the usual meat you give your pup, however be careful with feeding your dog salmon. Raw salmon tends to be infected by a parasite called Nanophyetus salmincola which in return contains bacteria that can be fatal to your dog if you don’t notice the symptoms and don’t treat your dog. If you really want to feed your dog salmon then make sure it is cooked, as the cooking process kills the parasites and the bacteria, making the salmon safe for your canine friend.



Yes, many of us like onions because they add a certain flavor to our food. But onions actually can be deadly to a dog no matter in what form they are. All onion based products, even onion powders or dry onions contain disulfides and sulfoxides, that are poisonous to dogs and cats. So if you love onions, just make sure you keep them away from your pets.